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A Writer <Life Coach>

Author of the Books 'Guide to Stay Mentally Fit', 'Feel the Power in English Language', ‘Topic Based Concepts’, and 'Feel the Power in Sanskrit Language'.

English Language <MA>

Fluency, Grammar Expert, Academic Teaching

General Studies <BA>

In-depth Knowledge of Various Subjects.
(Subjects at Graduation: English, Sanskrit, Philosophy, History, Politics, Defence & Strategic Studies)


User Interface Design (UI)

  • User Interface Design for Websites, Web Applications, and Mobile Apps,
  • Expertise in Creating Flat, Minimal and Responsive Design Layouts,
  • Creating Design Mockups and Presentations,
  • Implementing Brand Guidelines Effectively,
  • Good Practices of Typography, Color Theory, Design Patterns,
  • Communication Design for Advertising and Media,
  • Software Design, Interface Software Specification and Prototyping,
  • Visual Designs for Cutting-Edge and Customized Solutions

User Experience Design (UX)

  • User-Centered Design and Research Methodologies,
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI),
  • Heuristic Evaluation, Gestalt Theory, Cognitive Psychology,
  • Usability Methods, Critical Thinking, Predictive Modeling,
  • User Research, User Persona, User Flow, Use Cases, Focus Groups,
  • Information Architecture, Content Strategy,
  • Creating Wireframes, Low Fidelity and High Fidelity Prototypes,
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Website Design | Graphic Design | Digital Marketing


  • Excellent Visual Design Skills with sensitivity to User-System Interaction,
  • Advanced Creative, Technical, and Analytical Skills,
  • Define Best Practices to Support Customer Experience and Content Standards,
  • A Good Understanding of Typography, Composition, and Grid Systems,
  • Proven Leadership & Mentoring Skills,
  • Facilitates Brainstorming Design Sessions,
  • Communicate Conceptual Ideas to the Stakeholders,
  • Effectively Communicate Detailed Designs and Design Rationale