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Early Life

Born in a middle-class family in Maharashtra State, India. As a child, thoughtful and confident by nature. A creative mind good at painting and making sculptures. Noble, studious, and top-ranking student in the school well versed in many subjects.


A Graduate of the University of Pune. More than twelve years of expertise in User Interface and User Experience Design. Successful Published Author having a Positive, Constructive, and Optimistic Outlook with exposure to the various Media Platforms.


  • Author of the Books:
    • Let's Be The Master
    • Potential To Be Superpower
    • Spirituality in Vedic Culture
    • Guide to Stay Mentally Fit
    • Feel the Power in English Language
    • Topic Based Concepts
    • Feel the Power in Sanskrit Language
  • Broadcaster / Digital Media Specialist / Content Strategist / Online Educator
  • User Interface / User Experience Designer with High-End Design Skills
  • Founder of ‘ConceptMaster Media’, ‘MyCatchy Designs’, and 'Purnanand Products'


Honesty, Truthfulness, Righteousness, Discipline, Adaptability, Cleanliness, Minimalism, Systematic Approach, Precise

Being a Vegetarian and Teetotaler, I strongly promote Vegetarianism on this Planet. Let's minimize hurting other life forms. Vegetarian diet is considered as 'Satvic Aahar' and it purifies the Body, Mind and Soul.

Filling up life with goodness, honesty, compassion, and gratitude. Passionately dealing with Life Skills and exploring Ideal Lifestyles.


Live this life and every moment in your life as worth spending. That should be the only vision. Come up with your original ideas. Find out your potential needs and the expectations from life. Search what is the purpose to life and give complete devotion to it. The Vision of my life is to Empower Humans.

1. Creatively Empower

Motivational and Learning Books by Mangesh Dambhare
>> Books available at (English Editions)
>> Books available at (English, Hindi, Marathi Editions)

Motivational and Learning Books by Mangesh Dambhare

Life Changing Books by Author Mangesh Dambhare

2. ConceptMaster Media

Have you centered with too many responsibilities in your life, and wanted to make something out of it. You need some kind of motivational, informative, and brainstorming sessions. Then this is the right place for you. On The Air

ConceptMaster Media - Online Broadcasting Station by Mangesh Dambhare

Company Profile:

  • Production of Motivational, Informative, and Brainstorming Videos,
  • Analysis and Reporting on International Affairs and Cultures,
  • Media Centric Exposure on Various Topics

Online Educator

  • English Language,
  • Mass Communication, Media Studies,
  • Philosophy, Psychology,
  • Mental Disorders, Schizophrenia,
  • History, Geography,
  • Politics, Geopolitics, Laws,
  • Defence and Strategic Studies,
  • Space Science, Natural Science,
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
  • Electronics, Aeronautics,
  • Mathematics,
  • General Studies,
  • Computer Science,
  • Website Design,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Management Studies,
  • Sanskrit, Religious Studies

3. MyCatchy Designs

Mangesh Dambhare introduces MyCatchy Designs that provides complete design solutions mostly to the corporates and businesses for creating the Brand Identity, with the right strategy and foresight.

MyCatchy Designs - Creating Brand Identity

Company Profile:

  • Design Solutions for Corporate, Business, and Individuals,
  • Creation of Brand Identity and Active Media Presence,
  • Beautiful Websites, Brochures, Product Labels, and Marketing Collaterals

4. Purnanand Products

Mangesh Dambhare has launched home-made food products currently available in the local shops and markets.


Company Profile:

Manufacturer of food products

  • Indian Spices,
  • Noodles and Sevai,
  • Various Powders for Recipes

Initiatives on Schizophrenia and Mental Disorders by Mangesh Dambhare

>> Schizophrenia Can Be Cured,

Analysis by Mangesh Dambhare

Books by Mangesh Dambhare

1. Let's Be The Master (Motivational Book | Published on May 12, 2021)

Let's Be the Master

About The Book

This book presents a path to become a master of living life in an extraordinary way. It starts with overcoming the issues, removing the bad habits, and boosting morale.

Topics covered in this copy of the book will help you to get expertise over the necessary and basic required skills. This book also set an example about how to become a master in a correct sequence. It elaborates on the ways and methods of preparations and successfully working out plans in life.

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2. Potential To Be Superpower (Leadership Book | Published on May 12, 2021)

Potential To Be Superpower

About The Book

After reading this book you will start understanding the potential of India to become a superpower in the near future. India has the leading mindset and intellect since the millenniums back in history. Archeological surveys have already discovered the historic existence of advanced civilizations in the Indus valley region.

History will repeat again with the establishment of advanced and intellectual Indian civilization by the revival of the glorious period of India.

This book is an overlook on the capabilities of India to become a superpower nation that will play a major role in the development of human societies and the world peace.

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3. Spirituality in Vedic Culture (Religious Book | Published on May 12, 2021)

Spirituality In Vedic Culture

About The Book

This book provides you with an overview of Spirituality and Vedic Traditions in India. It gives a complete idea about Hinduism referred to ancient ‘Sanatana Dharma’. There is some information about Scriptures, Temples, Festivals, and Rituals in Hinduism.

Hinduism is an ancient religion and the way of a beautiful life being practiced in India throughout the history. Hinduism has evolutionary and persistent thoughts of culture. Teachings of Hinduism are very prolific and can be learned from different Hindu Scriptures.

India is a land of ‘Yogis’ from ancient times and enriched with all the resources of spirituality and ways of living life in a beautiful and powerful manner.

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4. Guide to Stay Mentally Fit (Motivational Book | Published on Jun 5, 2020)

Guide to Stay Mentally Fit

About The Book

This book is aimed to be helpful for people who are suffering from Schizophrenia or Mental Disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, etc. One who goes through this book will somehow try to understand the power of the mind and its usefulness. It may help to create some ability to overcome difficulties in life.

The ultimate goal is to learn and control the state of the mind to stay away from negativity and step up into the spiritual circle present in the world. Its motive is to raise the power of the soul to get peace and stability for oneself and the surrounding world. Also, there is a short description about beautiful magnificence in Hinduism and one way of life.

Moreover, this book expounds some ways which help to become a mature part of a knowledgeable society. Encourage you to spread knowledge about becoming a perfect and balanced human being in society. That will make disappear darkness and enlighten this world to become the most beautiful piece of art with love and devotion for each other and everyone, in order to attain the supreme self. That's the Vision.

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5. Feel the Power in English Language (Learning Book | Published on Jun 6, 2020)

Feel the Power in English Language

About The Book

Presenting the simplified way to learn the English language in an easy way through this copy of the Book. It contains well-categorized expressions, sentences, and words in lucid and easy to articulate form. This book is helpful for the learners of the English language. For enhancement in oral communication and writing skills, this book will be found very useful.

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6. Topic Based Concepts (Book for General Studies | Published on Sep 18, 2020)

Topic Based Concepts

About The Book

This book provides you with concepts based on different topics of general studies. It will add up some knowledge about various topics of global interests and a wide spectrum of thoughts and ideas.

World View, Top Rated, The Way of Life, Analysis, Curiosity, Art & Design are key modules covered in this copy of the book. This book generates in you a clear view of the topics in order to keep you organized.

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7. Feel the Power in Sanskrit Language (Learning Book | Published on Dec 3, 2020)

Feel the Power in Sanskrit Language

About The Book

Presenting the simplified way to learn the Sanskrit language in an easy way through this copy of the Book. It contains basic level knowledge about Sanskrit grammar, words, and sentences with a listing of references. This book is helpful for the learners of the Sanskrit language.

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>> Books available at (English Editions)
>> Books available at (English, Hindi, Marathi Editions)